Kavinace 120 Capsules

Kavinace 120 Capsules

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Kavinace by NeuroScience combines powerfully calming ingredients that may be effective at addressing the symptoms that come from stress‚ irritability‚ anxiousness‚ and trouble sleeping. This formula includes 4-amino-3-phenylbutyric acid‚ a GABA derivative. It may inhibit phenylethylamine‚ an excitatory neurotransmitter. Kavinace may work to calm the mind.

Why is GABA important?

GABA (or gamma- aminobutyric acid) is an inhibitory neurotransmitter‚ which essentially means that it sends calming messages to brain cells. It is found naturally in the body‚ but deficiencies can cause problems such as anxiety‚ sad feelings‚ or trouble sleeping. 4-amino-3-phenylbutyric acid binds to GABA receptors and may increase the body’s overall GABA levels.


NeuroScience’s Kavinace also contains taurine. Taurine is an amino acid that helps regulate the amount of water and minerals in the blood. It is also believed to have antioxidant properties‚ which means that it may protect the brain from the damage caused by free radicals. Taurine is found naturally in various foods‚ such as fish‚ milk and meat. It is commonly found in energy drinks because studies suggest that it may help improve athletic performance. Taurine may also stimulate GABA activity by increasing GABA synthesis and protecting the body from GABA breakdown. In each Kavinace capsule‚ 4-amino-3-phenylbutyric acid and taurine work together to help benzodiazepine bind to GABA receptors.

Vitamin B6

The proprietary blend in Kavinace also includes two milligrams of vitamin B6 – 100% of the RDA. Vitamin B6‚ also known as pyridoxine‚ is so powerful that it has been used throughout history to treat more than 100 health conditions. It may alleviate premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms in women). B6 plays a large role in producing serotonin and other neurotransmitters‚ so it is very effective in improving mood. In addition to its many other benefits‚ vitamin B6 helps the body synthesize GABA and other enzymatic pathways. This vitamin is found naturally in many foods‚ such as meats and whole grains‚ but it is combined with 4-amino-3-phenylbutyric acid and taurine in this supplement for optimal mood-enhancing performance.

Kavinace offers support to your neurotransmitters that result in a relaxing effect on the brain and body. Because of this‚ anyone who is experiencing elevated levels of stress can benefit from this supplement. Each bottle of Kavinace by NeuroScience contains 60 capsules.

NeuroScience products feature compounds several times more potent than those of competitors since its ingredients are sourced for the highest level of potency and purity. As the industry leader in targeted amino-acid therapy that adjusts neurotransmitter levels in the brain‚ NeuroScience supplements are manufactured with nutrients sourced to maximize clinical effectiveness.


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