What My Hero Taught Me

1.      Speak when you have something that needs to be said.

2.      Be knowledgeable about what you are doing.

3.      Have an unwavering adherence to your principles.

4.      Believe in a higher authority.

5.      Get your principles from a higher authority.

6.      Do your duty no matter the cost to you.

7.      Be fair.

8.      Don’t judge.

9.      Dedicate your life to raising your family and being a provider.

10.   Be firm in your convictions.

11.   Don’t worry about what people think of you (if you are doing all of the things on this list).

12.   Don’t feel like you have to be the life of the party.

13.   Don’t look for recognition for you good deeds.

14.   Be self-reliant as much as you can.

15.   Keep loved ones near to your heart always.

16.   Don’t lie.

17.   Lead by example.

18.   Be funny sometimes.

19.   Sacrifice for the right reasons.

20.   Don’t ever feel like a victim.

21.   Don’t feel sorry for yourself.

22.   Stay as strong as you can until the end.

23.   Regret as little as possible.

24.   Find true love.

25.   Be a true love.

I can go on and on, but this short list gives you the basics. It is what I learned from my father-in-law Joseph Daniel Grosso. I knew him for 32 year. He was my hero. He was never scared of anything, yet he was the bravest man I ever knew. He passed away on July 18, 2019. He was 80 years old. He married his sweetheart that he met 65 years ago, and stayed true to her. He had seven amazing children. He had thirteen amazing grandchildren. He was a United States Marine. He was a FDNY battalion chief for 38 years.  He made a big difference in this world. But don’t tell him that, it would mean nothing to him. You’re a better man than I am Joseph Daniel Grosso, but I will try as hard as I can to be like you for the rest of my days.