Are you a carboholic?



Most Americans are addicted to carbohydrates.  I like to call them Carboholics.  We have shifted our metabolism to burn sugar (which carbs are converted to).  This stimulates the pleasure centers of the brain to want another fix an hour or two later.  Also, Gluten contained in breads and pastas is converted to a morphine-like substance, exacerbating cravings and withdrawal symptoms when attempting to give it up.

To make this matter even worse, the high blood sugar is toxic, so the body secretes Insulin to get rid of the sugar.  The problem is, the best place to put the sugar is in fat cells.  The insulin then instructs the fat cells to hold on to the fat; down regulating our ability to use fat as a fuel.  We end up stuck on carbs as our energy source. We also end up losing our ability to sense when we are full because this mess ends up making our brains insensitive to the hormone responsible to this action- Leptin.

Good News Comes From Above

Coconuts can help you break your carb addiction

Coconuts can help you break your carb addiction

You can break the addiction by turning back on your fat burning genes - just look up into the fronds of a coconut tree! By using coconut Oil in your diet, you can force your body to burn fat, as it can’t be used structurally.  Contrary to popular belief, eating fat does not make you fat.  You can substitute it for your other cooking oils, put it in your coffee, or take it by mouth directly.  Six tablespoons per day seems radical, and I don’t suggest it as your go to strategy, but it will send most people in to Ketosis- a natural state where the body is preferentially using fat for energy! Once you get in to Ketosis, you will simply burn fat when your body needs calories!  People in Ketosis usually start skipping meals, as hunger is bypassed due to the continual body fat usage. This can take a week or two.  You can feel down and sluggish during this period, so hang in there.  Just have Coconut Oil for hunger issues.


You will start to burn fat if you are eating correctly, but you may not weigh less!  I like the idea of Body Composition instead. In short, how you look.   I recommend a photograph in undergarments.  You don’t have to show it to anyone!  If this seems too weird, take measurements of your thighs, hips, waist, chest, and biceps. Measurements are the best way to track changes.  Track your progress only occasionally!  Stress will derail any good efforts!

In Closing

Fat is your friend. It will help you lose weight and control the carb cravings. Use Coconut, Palm, Olive, Avocado, and Clarified Butter Oils to sauté with.

Forget weight. Use Body Composition as the best guide.

Set tangible goals of how you look, feel, and perform- losing a muffin top, mental clarity, and your first push-up are admirable goals!