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Lip Incompetence, Mouth Breathing, (And Mouth Tape?)

Lip incompetence is a condition where the lips cannot form a seal when your jaw is at rest without straining.  It should be diagnosed and correct as soon as possible. It is generally very easy to detect, but in some cases it can be tricky. If you suspect you may have this condition, consult with your dentist as soon as you can.

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My Mission (Why I Want You On My Website, Not In My Chair)

During a recent health conference, I found myself explaining why I was not just a run of the mill dentist.  My real passion is cutting through all of the bad health advice, misconceptions, half-truths and downright lies out there and disseminating the plain truth to those willing to listen. As they say, if I catch you a fish, I have fed you a meal, if I teach you how to fish, I have fed you for a lifetime.

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Gastric Bypass Surgery Can Lead To Dental Problems

For many, gastric bypass surgery is the only realistic means of overcoming obesity and the myriad associated health issues. In my practice, more and more patients are opting for gastric bypass surgery, often with dramatic results. One 18 month follow-up study found a 57% recovery from, an 84 % cure from cholesterol problems, and a 47% cure from high blood pressure. Unfortunately, I often see uncontrolled tooth decay and tooth loss post-operatively. The reasons have not been widely investigated. There are a few logical explanations as to why this is our happening.

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