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Proper Human Interaction (PHI): The Missing Ingredient For Health, Happiness And Longevity

Today, we don’t have to hunt or even farm our own food, we have climate control everywhere, we are highly entertained, we have medicine for everything, and we can gain goods and services at the click of a link. In constructing this "paradise”, we have lost the need for most common human interactions. In today’s post, I will explain whye are stronger when we come together, and how that can be achieved even in today's divided world.

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My Mission (Why I Want You On My Website, Not In My Chair)

During a recent health conference, I found myself explaining why I was not just a run of the mill dentist.  My real passion is cutting through all of the bad health advice, misconceptions, half-truths and downright lies out there and disseminating the plain truth to those willing to listen. As they say, if I catch you a fish, I have fed you a meal, if I teach you how to fish, I have fed you for a lifetime.

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How To Achieve a Better Physique: Diet, Calorie Counting, Food Density and More Part I

The quest to look better and weigh less is a tightrope walk that often backfires. Here is some science that explains why we usually gain weight back and how you might be able to maintain weight loss. This post is not meant to recommend any specific diet approach.

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